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      Lola - Projektovanje i mašinogradnja doo
      Jugoslovenska 2
      11250 Belgrade - Železnik
      Tel: +381-11-6571-421
      E-mail: office@lola-livnica-pom.com


      Predrag Maksimović

    • Production facility


      Property/ Facilities
      Dimensions/ Area
      Finished Product Storage Area Under Roof 
      Workshop floor
      100m x 120m, 40m x 120m, 28m x 100m
      Assembly Area Under Crane Hook
      40m x 120m
      Storage Yard
      40m x 120m + 60m x 120m
      Office & Supporting Area
      Fabrication/ Manufacturing Machine Capabilities
      Crane Lifting Capacity
      5-100 t, total 15 Pcs
      Overhead Crane 
      2 t, 100 t, 80 t
      Total Lifting Capacity
      120 t
      Other Cranes And Lifting Capabilities 5 - 50 t, 15 Pcs
      Sandblasting & Painting Area
      Conveyor 2,2 mx 12m / 40m x 30m x 10m Paint Area
      Rolling Machines 
      Max o/d9=5m, 8max=2,6m, ^/max=120mm
      8 Pcs: Max. o/d=8200mm, Hmax= 4,1m, Wmax=110 ton, vertical lathes
      Press Brakes 
      4 Pcs: max 400t, Hmax=1200mm, th/max=20mm
      Horizontal milling machines
      14 Pcs: ŠKODA-tandem&12 Pcs.; Hmax=4,1m, Bmax=2m, Lmax=26m
      Cutting machines

      Laser cutting: 2 pieces, max 6kW, 2,5m x 6m

      Burning table: 2x 6m x 6m
      Gearing machines
      6 pieces: Max. o/d=8m, H=1m, M=50
      Heat treatment ovens 6 pieces: 6500x5250x2800 max
      Number Of Workers
      Type Of Workers
      fitters, welders, machine operators, technicians, engineers
      Raw Material
      Material Certifications
      By own laboratories for chemical and mechanical testing
      Shipping Capabilities
      Railroad Access Directly linked from the manufacturing hall
      Accessible By Truck Highway access 5 km
      By ship Nearest port 8 km

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