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      Lola - Projektovanje i mašinogradnja doo
      Jugoslovenska 2
      11250 Belgrade - Železnik
      Tel: +381-11-6571-421
      E-mail: office@lola-livnica-pom.com


      Predrag Maksimović

    • Quality

    • Spectrometer SPECTROMAXX F
      Spectrometer SPECTROMAXX F
      Laboratory for mechanical testing
      Laboratory for mechanical testing

      In order to satisfy the needs of its customers, Lola - Projektovanje i mašinogradnja doo continuously improves its quality standards. We achieve the highest level of quality of our products and services, thanks to:

      • Using only raw-materials with the certified quality standards acceptable worldwide;
      • Highly qualified workforce that has a proven record of the relevant experience from executing projects on power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, oil platforms, etc.
      • A modern production process.

      Within the company, there is a quality department led by the quality manager. For many years, company has had its own laboratories for mechanical and chemical testing.

      Until now we obtained the following certificates:

      • EN ISO 9001:2008
      • EN ISO 14001:2005
      • EN 1090-2 EXC3:2008
      • EN ISO 3834-2:2005

      The certificates are available for download here.